You Are Worthy

Let me tell you something,There will be days when life feels like it is coursing through your veins, faster than light and thicker than all the blood your heart can hold.You are worthy.There will be days when life feels oh so far away, like you are drowning in a memory of a yesterday that feels … Continue reading You Are Worthy

Your life

There are moments in life when you are walking down the street and your whole world turns on its head in a heartbeat. It's happened to me, more times than I care to recall, in more ways than I wish to tell you. But it happens. You are walking down a street and something comes … Continue reading Your life

unapologetically you, Love

who told you, Love, that you must apologise for every breath you take, and each pause in between? because i heard it too. but it was such a silent speaking, so subtle and subliminal, yet, told, again and again and again, with every missed glance and each broken sigh. did you feel your blood cells … Continue reading unapologetically you, Love

no more.

can we just be? just be. here. nothing more. take everything else away. just you and me and here and now. there always seems to be more. more to do, more to say, more to think, more to be. no more. i can't take more. i can't be more. i can't do more. i have … Continue reading no more.