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Let Breath Be Your Prayer

Let breath be your prayer, your every question unanswered, every answer unheard, each thanksgiving, each praise, all blighted repentance, all holy forgive. Let breath be your maker, the giver of life, the source of growth, your renewal, your transformation, your creator. Let breath be your connection, your oneness with the earth, your communication with the… Continue reading Let Breath Be Your Prayer

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  There is a longing within. It sits somewhere between desire and pain.  It dances with me, Twisting and twirling around the loops of my veins.  It knows how to pull me into deep despair and then quickly leads me to blackened paradise.  It grows, quickly, like a seedling reaching for the light, Touching with… Continue reading truth.

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Why do I do this? Why do I write and keep writing?

Why do I do this? Why do I write and keep writing?  Why do I sit here each day and pour my heart out onto a page that seems to know me better, to get me more than the people I have spent a lifetime hiding from?  Why do I put my heart into a string of… Continue reading Why do I do this? Why do I write and keep writing?