I hope you know, love

I hope that in the moment this world stops turning you will know with unflinching certainty that I loved you, that I always loved you and that my life has been richer for you being in it. As you make your way through the days ahead I hope you find love to be more the … Continue reading I hope you know, love

this collision

Gently now, dear one. Gently. Don’t you think we were always on our way here, here, to this place where grit and grace collide in equal space and time? We still have time, we have so much time. Don’t you think we were calling each other home somehow? A different home, but found through this … Continue reading this collision

She is Life and She is Death

  She is a visionary in her dreams, blind in her waking. She is an innocent criminal and a sinful saint. She fights for her life to move closer to death And succumbs to her dying so she can continue living. She is a contradicted emotion wrapped in verified numb feeling. She stares up to … Continue reading She is Life and She is Death

Let Me Hold You, Whole {Elephant Journal}

Draw me pictures of the pieces you watched leaving in the small hours of morning, the pieces that burned through the landscape of your life as you desperately tried to let go and move on and let it be. Let it be. Let it be as real and as raw as you feel it now. Show me you, all of you.