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through doors

i'm tiptoeing through closed doors, finding there's not enough space to walk back through. fighting in a war with myself that i can only lose if i do not let go, let be, let life pass through and in here. when did i get so scared of my own voice? the knowing that knew me… Continue reading through doors

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Five Minutes {Women for One}

In the dense captivity of silent shame there were no words, no feelings, no light to live within. Only repression, fear, and secrets of the dark existed. A life spent fighting demons that screamed to be heard, to be felt; running from their shadows to a place where death looks more like freedom. Until this… Continue reading Five Minutes {Women for One}

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the hour

She lay on the cold, hard floor, aching and alone, recalling the previous hour when she battled her inner demons to stand up and speak her most painful and harrowing truths. Her heart feeling more battered and bruised than ever before. She didn't know it yet, but one day she would look back and write… Continue reading the hour