I’d Tell Her

I'd tell her to allow herself to feel it while she's going through it, and express that feeling, instead of burying it or dissociating through it all so it comes back later in often worse ways.I'd tell her that she is loved and deserves love.I'd tell her she is doing her very best and that … Continue reading I’d Tell Her

you are beautiful, do you know?

Dear you,Do you know how beautiful you are?Do you realise the sun comes to greet you each day to light you up and warm your heart? Do you know the kind of strength it takes to greet her right back?Do you know I see you walking into each new day and laying down your heart, … Continue reading you are beautiful, do you know?

Please Don’t Wait For Me (I’m Not Coming Back)

I'm sorry I left you, dear one. I'm sorry I left so unceremoniously, without satisfactory explanations or word of when I would return. You see, I didn't know where I was going, or even that I had begun leaving, I just knew I couldn’t stay; I was changing, I had changed. I didn't belong within … Continue reading Please Don’t Wait For Me (I’m Not Coming Back)

unapologetically you, Love

who told you, Love, that you must apologise for every breath you take, and each pause in between? because i heard it too. but it was such a silent speaking, so subtle and subliminal, yet, told, again and again and again, with every missed glance and each broken sigh. did you feel your blood cells … Continue reading unapologetically you, Love

Let Breath Be Your Prayer

Let breath be your prayer, your every question unanswered, every answer unheard, each thanksgiving, each praise, all blighted repentance, all holy forgive. Let breath be your maker, the giver of life, the source of growth, your renewal, your transformation, your creator. Let breath be your connection, your oneness with the earth, your communication with the … Continue reading Let Breath Be Your Prayer


  There is a longing within. It sits somewhere between desire and pain.  It dances with me, Twisting and twirling around the loops of my veins.  It knows how to pull me into deep despair and then quickly leads me to blackened paradise.  It grows, quickly, like a seedling reaching for the light, Touching with … Continue reading truth.

the reckoning

if now is the time to stand up and be counted i am here, ready for the reckoning i am me one. i am one i am my own i am neither yours nor hers nor his for the taking i am not your puppet or your plaything or yours i am my own i … Continue reading the reckoning

What Do You Need?

"What do you need?" he asked, desperate to help her.  She sighed, knowing that she could not answer him. She did not know. She did not have a simple answer. She had never been allowed to express her needs, her real deeply felt needs, without someone having a hidden agenda or a wall of their … Continue reading What Do You Need?

A Conversation with my Inner Child: “Oh Little One, I am Listening, I am Here.”

 Oh Little One.  You have been screaming all night and I want you to know that I hear you.  I know you won't believe me just yet. I have ignored your sobs all day. I have made you feel like you are wrong to be crying out in such a way. Like you should not … Continue reading A Conversation with my Inner Child: “Oh Little One, I am Listening, I am Here.”