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Tell Me That You’ve Got This…Just for Tonight

My words, up at Elephant Journal...   "...Build me a sanctuary of space and time and solitude, away from the loneliness that has built a home inside of me. Help me to let go. Grant me a weightless sleep, free from fright, allowing me the deepest blue oceans to explore without the terrors that drown.… Continue reading Tell Me That You’ve Got This…Just for Tonight

All Writing & Art, Poetry. Prose. Letters.

a hopeless night

I find myself lying on the hard, cold floor, Wearing only an oversized shirt and leftover tears; Staring at the blank ceiling, Counting the black spots between the light, Which add to only one; Drawing lines with my eyes to forge a map home, Erased by my lingering etch-a-sketch blinks, and repeat, repeat, repeat; Lost,… Continue reading a hopeless night