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unapologetically you, Love

who told you, Love, that you must apologise for every breath you take, and each pause in between? because i heard it too. but it was such a silent speaking, so subtle and subliminal, yet, told, again and again and again, with every missed glance and each broken sigh. did you feel your blood cells… Continue reading unapologetically you, Love

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What if…?

What if we allow ourselves to feel? What if we allow ourselves to feel it all? What if we start dancing in the rain instead of running for cover and cursing it for falling? What if we stop doubting ourselves and our voices? What if we speak our words clearly, loudly, holding space for our… Continue reading What if…?

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An Open Letter to My Rapist {Women for One}

What memory do you carry? Did you block it out? Do you see my face as you sleep? Are my wrists locked in your grip when you’re in the dark? Do you remember crushing me, worn out from your attack? Do you think about me every single day? Do you know of the horror, trauma, pain, actual physical pain I feel? Do you feel the shame?

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(my abusers) did you know?

  With your hands around my throat, did you know I would feel them in two decades time? That sometimes living would feel like slow death through the memory of hands In places that make me shudder and shame in remembrance? Your face stares at me, in the dark, in the light, just as you… Continue reading (my abusers) did you know?

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Not Today

There might come a day when I can look back on all the months I spent hiding, scared of you, jumping at the sound of a ringing phone, at your voice, trembling as I anticipated every update of your terrorisingly inevitable demise, and understand why you put us through so much pain; But that day… Continue reading Not Today

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They Do Not See 

They do not see the void within you. They do not know that since he left you have nothing to fill the space that you once called love. They do not see the memories you carry. The images that are sitting on the edge of your soul, dulling all traces of the light which sustained… Continue reading They Do Not See