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lay it all down, love

lay it all down, love. lay it all down.lie here beside me and lay it all down,i know you don't want to let go just yet,so keep hold or let go or let it be,here,now.i feel how heavy it is,how painful, how tiresome.i see you as you fight to keep going,to keep up,to keep it… Continue reading lay it all down, love

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Life, Maybe

Maybe in the moments I find myself deeply entrenched in my grief, my longing, my dark dense despair, feeling there is no hope and no help and nothing, just nothing left,   …maybe right there and then I am as close to Life as one can possibly be.  Yes, Death too, Death is lurking just as… Continue reading Life, Maybe

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if you could stop

if you could stop just for a moment to look at me, look deep into my eyes, if you could catch it, quickly enough to let love leap in. to give the silence space to speak, to listen to our hearts beat out of sync and in double-quick time, and then slow down to hear… Continue reading if you could stop

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some days like this

some days are hard, for no reason at all and for every reason that came before, all at the same time. some days you think should be different, you think you should feel better, do better, be better because of something said or done yesterday or the day before. some days you beat yourself up… Continue reading some days like this

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The floor has fallen out from under me more times than I can recall. I have hit rock bottom and found it goes deeper still. Deeper I have plummeted, deeper, deeper. I have drowned and died again and again, sinking to the depths of the ocean’s bed which holds only the discarded and unfound. Still… Continue reading Grounded

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  There is a longing within. It sits somewhere between desire and pain.  It dances with me, Twisting and twirling around the loops of my veins.  It knows how to pull me into deep despair and then quickly leads me to blackened paradise.  It grows, quickly, like a seedling reaching for the light, Touching with… Continue reading truth.

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I Became Life

I don't know what happened that day, the day you changed, the day you left. It was like the earth swallowed me up while propelling you into space. It all happened so fast. I think it takes longer to blink, but somehow I saw you go. Like a slow motion movie where hands are parted,… Continue reading I Became Life

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That Feeling, The Darkness

   That feeling. The darkness. You see it there, in the distance. You try to run, but no, it is getting closer, it is taking hold.  That feeling. The one which grips every morsel of your body. You feel like there is no escape. You know you are alive still, just, but nothing feels the… Continue reading That Feeling, The Darkness

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What Do You Need?

"What do you need?" he asked, desperate to help her.  She sighed, knowing that she could not answer him. She did not know. She did not have a simple answer. She had never been allowed to express her needs, her real deeply felt needs, without someone having a hidden agenda or a wall of their… Continue reading What Do You Need?