Grief (and home)

You feel so near, yet I cannot touch you. I long for that, for you to touch me, for me to touch you. I've been sending my love to you on an electric cable of thoughts and wishes and memories, hoping you feel the energy pulsating through you, as it does me, when it reaches … Continue reading Grief (and home)

the reckoning

if now is the time to stand up and be counted i am here, ready for the reckoning i am me one. i am one i am my own i am neither yours nor hers nor his for the taking i am not your puppet or your plaything or yours i am my own i … Continue reading the reckoning

Not Today

There might come a day when I can look back on all the months I spent hiding, scared of you, jumping at the sound of a ringing phone, at your voice, trembling as I anticipated every update of your terrorisingly inevitable demise, and understand why you put us through so much pain; But that day … Continue reading Not Today

A moment which goes on for eternity…

and when I think of it I can't breathe. I'm not saying you killed me, I'm saying that you are killing me a little more each day,slowly, without even touching me.Not like you did. Not like hands that held me down so my body fought for breath. Your hands.I see your body like a movie reel, playing … Continue reading A moment which goes on for eternity…

They Do Not See 

They do not see the void within you. They do not know that since he left you have nothing to fill the space that you once called love. They do not see the memories you carry. The images that are sitting on the edge of your soul, dulling all traces of the light which sustained … Continue reading They Do Not See 

When did we begin? (Everything Changed)

When did we begin? I do not recall. I do not remember the moment when we became Us. I do not have that memory Of when I began loving you More than any soul in the universe. Maybe it always was so, Even before we met. Before you held me. Maybe we were destined To … Continue reading When did we begin? (Everything Changed)

A Conversation with my Inner Child: “Oh Little One, I am Listening, I am Here.”

 Oh Little One.  You have been screaming all night and I want you to know that I hear you.  I know you won't believe me just yet. I have ignored your sobs all day. I have made you feel like you are wrong to be crying out in such a way. Like you should not … Continue reading A Conversation with my Inner Child: “Oh Little One, I am Listening, I am Here.”