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Who am I?

Who am I? I'm someone who feels deeply, who in any given moment feels and holds multiple conflicting, contrasting, complimentary and complex emotions, sensations, experiences, all at once and separately in individual layers, together and apart. I'm someone who believes that we, all of us, as unique and connected and complex human beings, have an… Continue reading Who am I?

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Suicide & Love: We Are Not Alone {Elephant Journal}

I see the calls at this time of year for words on suicide—asking for stories and experiences and prevention advocacy and advice. Before now I felt that I had nothing to add to the conversation. I thought, “my story isn’t as worthy as theirs,” or “I’ve never attempted suicide, so the suicidal feelings I experience… Continue reading Suicide & Love: We Are Not Alone {Elephant Journal}

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Your life

There are moments in life when you are walking down the street and your whole world turns on its head in a heartbeat. It's happened to me, more times than I care to recall, in more ways than I wish to tell you. But it happens. You are walking down a street and something comes… Continue reading Your life

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Please Don’t Wait For Me (I’m Not Coming Back)

I'm sorry I left you, dear one. I'm sorry I left so unceremoniously, without satisfactory explanations or word of when I would return. You see, I didn't know where I was going, or even that I had begun leaving, I just knew I couldn’t stay; I was changing, I had changed. I didn't belong within… Continue reading Please Don’t Wait For Me (I’m Not Coming Back)

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if you could stop

if you could stop just for a moment to look at me, look deep into my eyes, if you could catch it, quickly enough to let love leap in. to give the silence space to speak, to listen to our hearts beat out of sync and in double-quick time, and then slow down to hear… Continue reading if you could stop

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a hopeless night

I find myself lying on the hard, cold floor, Wearing only an oversized shirt and leftover tears; Staring at the blank ceiling, Counting the black spots between the light, Which add to only one; Drawing lines with my eyes to forge a map home, Erased by my lingering etch-a-sketch blinks, and repeat, repeat, repeat; Lost,… Continue reading a hopeless night

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I Honour Your Needs

Today I honour your most fragile needs.  You can sink into your deepest feelings, the ones you have been hiding under the thick armour of your tired skin. I give you permission to feel your exhaustion. I will hear your voice telling me that this is all too much to bear. I will comfort you… Continue reading I Honour Your Needs

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Mirror of My Eyes {a poem}

Maybe at the start there was me Maybe in the end there was you Oh heart, you shone Out of the window to my mind Into the reflection of my soul I took you down To the chasm of my womb Where you grew beyond all I could sustain I tried I raised mountains to… Continue reading Mirror of My Eyes {a poem}

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Goodbye, my sweet love.

Now is the time I must say Goodbye and let you go, my sweet love.   You were my everything. With you I lived, died, broke, grew. My life shifted and reshaped into a state beyond all we knew. And you held it all.   You held me in my most vulnerable state, and saw… Continue reading Goodbye, my sweet love.