This Life

This life.Life.Life. Damn, life is hard, and confusing and beautiful.I walk into a room filled with angels and I am greeted by a demon embracing my life more fiercely than I ever could grasp.And it's got me, curled in its clutch like I'm longing to be held.I long and I long and I long.Yet, no … Continue reading This Life


  There is a longing within. It sits somewhere between desire and pain.  It dances with me, Twisting and twirling around the loops of my veins.  It knows how to pull me into deep despair and then quickly leads me to blackened paradise.  It grows, quickly, like a seedling reaching for the light, Touching with … Continue reading truth.

Grief (and home)

You feel so near, yet I cannot touch you. I long for that, for you to touch me, for me to touch you. I've been sending my love to you on an electric cable of thoughts and wishes and memories, hoping you feel the energy pulsating through you, as it does me, when it reaches … Continue reading Grief (and home)