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Stronger Together

You sit alone. There is no sound to hear, no voice to speak of. You look for another to comfort, to care. Nobody steps into your lonely vision. But wait, there, in the distance There are others moving towards you, Stretching out their hands, Opening their arms to hold you. There is a community of… Continue reading Stronger Together

All Writing & Art, Poetry. Prose. Letters.

if you could stop

if you could stop just for a moment to look at me, look deep into my eyes, if you could catch it, quickly enough to let love leap in. to give the silence space to speak, to listen to our hearts beat out of sync and in double-quick time, and then slow down to hear… Continue reading if you could stop

All Writing & Art, Poetry. Prose. Letters.

be here with me

will you be here with me? let's not talk.  we don't even need to look at one another. as little as a gentle brush of my hand could be too extreme, igniting the currents that flow to my tender soul  (for today it is raw and exposed). i just need you to be here  with… Continue reading be here with me