I hope you know, love

I hope that in the moment this world stops turning you will know with unflinching certainty that I loved you, that I always loved you and that my life has been richer for you being in it. As you make your way through the days ahead I hope you find love to be more the … Continue reading I hope you know, love

unapologetically you, Love

who told you, Love, that you must apologise for every breath you take, and each pause in between? because i heard it too. but it was such a silent speaking, so subtle and subliminal, yet, told, again and again and again, with every missed glance and each broken sigh. did you feel your blood cells … Continue reading unapologetically you, Love

Begin Here: Let the Moment Carry You ~ Elephant Journal

Begin here, with whatever you are feeling. Begin with the doubt in your feet or the hope in your hands. It is a light wave to hello and a short step to forever, Quicker than a solitary breath into belonging. Make it deep, because you will want to remember this moment. Let it create an … Continue reading Begin Here: Let the Moment Carry You ~ Elephant Journal