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This Life

This life.Life.Life. Damn, life is hard, and confusing and beautiful.I walk into a room filled with angels and I am greeted by a demon embracing my life more fiercely than I ever could grasp.And it's got me, curled in its clutch like I'm longing to be held.I long and I long and I long.Yet, no… Continue reading This Life

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50 of the thousands of lessons my 20s taught me

While some of these lessons have lodged somewhere deep inside, many of them I have learned and unlearned and relearned again and will continue learning for the rest of my life. So with five days until I turn 30, here are just 50 of the thousands of lessons my 20s have taught me, with heartfelt thanks to every person who has helped teach me over the last ten years, and lifetime, whether you knew you were helping or not.

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the anxiety that holds

i'm wondering where this life starts and where it ends. is it somewhere between the inhale of a sharp breath and the wilting of a leaf, or drowning in exhales while the sun gives rise to a new day? it sometimes feels like the world will come to a crashing end if i don't solve… Continue reading the anxiety that holds

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through doors

i'm tiptoeing through closed doors, finding there's not enough space to walk back through. fighting in a war with myself that i can only lose if i do not let go, let be, let life pass through and in here. when did i get so scared of my own voice? the knowing that knew me… Continue reading through doors

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They asked me why I was here and I told them I didn't know. But I had some ideas. Like how a single word can take my breath away, while reminding me how to breathe again. Like how the miles that stand between us hold me closer than the one touching my hand. Like how… Continue reading fingerprints

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Your life

There are moments in life when you are walking down the street and your whole world turns on its head in a heartbeat. It's happened to me, more times than I care to recall, in more ways than I wish to tell you. But it happens. You are walking down a street and something comes… Continue reading Your life

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a life called survival

i didn't ask to be taken like that, all young, innocent and easily-broken into any mold of life they offered or insisted upon. i never wanted to be shaped to become the easy play-thing they desired, on any given day. i didn't change to make life harder for you, or for them, or for me.… Continue reading a life called survival

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She is Life and She is Death

  She is a visionary in her dreams, blind in her waking. She is an innocent criminal and a sinful saint. She fights for her life to move closer to death And succumbs to her dying so she can continue living. She is a contradicted emotion wrapped in verified numb feeling. She stares up to… Continue reading She is Life and She is Death

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the hour

She lay on the cold, hard floor, aching and alone, recalling the previous hour when she battled her inner demons to stand up and speak her most painful and harrowing truths. Her heart feeling more battered and bruised than ever before. She didn't know it yet, but one day she would look back and write… Continue reading the hour

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Life, Maybe

Maybe in the moments I find myself deeply entrenched in my grief, my longing, my dark dense despair, feeling there is no hope and no help and nothing, just nothing left,   …maybe right there and then I am as close to Life as one can possibly be.  Yes, Death too, Death is lurking just as… Continue reading Life, Maybe