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Who am I?

Who am I? I'm someone who feels deeply, who in any given moment feels and holds multiple conflicting, contrasting, complimentary and complex emotions, sensations, experiences, all at once and separately in individual layers, together and apart. I'm someone who believes that we, all of us, as unique and connected and complex human beings, have an… Continue reading Who am I?

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Let Breath Be Your Prayer

Let breath be your prayer, your every question unanswered, every answer unheard, each thanksgiving, each praise, all blighted repentance, all holy forgive. Let breath be your maker, the giver of life, the source of growth, your renewal, your transformation, your creator. Let breath be your connection, your oneness with the earth, your communication with the… Continue reading Let Breath Be Your Prayer

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I Honour Your Needs

Today I honour your most fragile needs.  You can sink into your deepest feelings, the ones you have been hiding under the thick armour of your tired skin. I give you permission to feel your exhaustion. I will hear your voice telling me that this is all too much to bear. I will comfort you… Continue reading I Honour Your Needs