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I’d Tell Her

I'd tell her to allow herself to feel it while she's going through it, and express that feeling, instead of burying it or dissociating through it all so it comes back later in often worse ways.I'd tell her that she is loved and deserves love.I'd tell her she is doing her very best and that… Continue reading I’d Tell Her

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Five Minutes {Women for One}

In the dense captivity of silent shame there were no words, no feelings, no light to live within. Only repression, fear, and secrets of the dark existed. A life spent fighting demons that screamed to be heard, to be felt; running from their shadows to a place where death looks more like freedom. Until this… Continue reading Five Minutes {Women for One}

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I Honour Your Needs

Today I honour your most fragile needs.  You can sink into your deepest feelings, the ones you have been hiding under the thick armour of your tired skin. I give you permission to feel your exhaustion. I will hear your voice telling me that this is all too much to bear. I will comfort you… Continue reading I Honour Your Needs

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That Feeling, The Darkness

   That feeling. The darkness. You see it there, in the distance. You try to run, but no, it is getting closer, it is taking hold.  That feeling. The one which grips every morsel of your body. You feel like there is no escape. You know you are alive still, just, but nothing feels the… Continue reading That Feeling, The Darkness