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I hope you know, love

I hope that in the moment this world stops turning you will know with unflinching certainty that I loved you, that I always loved you and that my life has been richer for you being in it. As you make your way through the days ahead I hope you find love to be more the… Continue reading I hope you know, love

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beautiful depth

I want you to know just how beautiful you are. I want you to know that, even on the darkest of days, You can light up any room, just by showing up And I'm so grateful you do. I'm grateful For every time you show up in the world, In whatever way you can on… Continue reading beautiful depth

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Goodbye, my sweet love.

Now is the time I must say Goodbye and let you go, my sweet love.   You were my everything. With you I lived, died, broke, grew. My life shifted and reshaped into a state beyond all we knew. And you held it all.   You held me in my most vulnerable state, and saw… Continue reading Goodbye, my sweet love.

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That Feeling, The Darkness

   That feeling. The darkness. You see it there, in the distance. You try to run, but no, it is getting closer, it is taking hold.  That feeling. The one which grips every morsel of your body. You feel like there is no escape. You know you are alive still, just, but nothing feels the… Continue reading That Feeling, The Darkness

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What Do You Need?

"What do you need?" he asked, desperate to help her.  She sighed, knowing that she could not answer him. She did not know. She did not have a simple answer. She had never been allowed to express her needs, her real deeply felt needs, without someone having a hidden agenda or a wall of their… Continue reading What Do You Need?