Her Dark and Light and Color

The light is calling her. She can hear it as it shines in the distance. She can see how it covers the sky with all shades of beauty. She can feel it capturing the night, moulding with it, creating shade and color of artistic magnitude. But the darkness holds her down. Holds her still. Holds … Continue reading Her Dark and Light and Color

She is Life and She is Death

  She is a visionary in her dreams, blind in her waking. She is an innocent criminal and a sinful saint. She fights for her life to move closer to death And succumbs to her dying so she can continue living. She is a contradicted emotion wrapped in verified numb feeling. She stares up to … Continue reading She is Life and She is Death

Five Minutes {Women for One}

In the dense captivity of silent shame there were no words, no feelings, no light to live within. Only repression, fear, and secrets of the dark existed. A life spent fighting demons that screamed to be heard, to be felt; running from their shadows to a place where death looks more like freedom. Until this … Continue reading Five Minutes {Women for One}

What if…?

What if we allow ourselves to feel? What if we allow ourselves to feel it all? What if we start dancing in the rain instead of running for cover and cursing it for falling? What if we stop doubting ourselves and our voices? What if we speak our words clearly, loudly, holding space for our … Continue reading What if…?

The Forest of Our Tomorrow {Meraki}

Meraki.(n.) The soul, creativity, or love put into something; the essence of yourself that is put into your work. words The Forest of Our Tomorrow I walk through the forest of our tomorrow, the light glistens in the distance, almost fading as the sun sets on yesterday. It feeds me as I embody all grief … Continue reading The Forest of Our Tomorrow {Meraki}