21 Reasons Why Victims of Rape and Sexual Abuse Do Not Report (Told Through 21 Real Life Voices) ~ Huffington Post

Click here for the full article at The Huffington Post Throughout my life, from childhood into adulthood, I have been raped and sexually assaulted multiple times, and not once have I reported an incident. Recently I read a comment on an article I wrote about the last time I was sexually assaulted, stating they were … Continue reading 21 Reasons Why Victims of Rape and Sexual Abuse Do Not Report (Told Through 21 Real Life Voices) ~ Huffington Post

a life called survival

i didn't ask to be taken like that, all young, innocent and easily-broken into any mold of life they offered or insisted upon. i never wanted to be shaped to become the easy play-thing they desired, on any given day. i didn't change to make life harder for you, or for them, or for me. … Continue reading a life called survival

Please Don’t Wait For Me (I’m Not Coming Back)

I'm sorry I left you, dear one. I'm sorry I left so unceremoniously, without satisfactory explanations or word of when I would return. You see, I didn't know where I was going, or even that I had begun leaving, I just knew I couldn’t stay; I was changing, I had changed. I didn't belong within … Continue reading Please Don’t Wait For Me (I’m Not Coming Back)

In the Mirror (my worst days)

This is what it feels like on my worst days. This is what I see in the mirror when my ptsd/trauma/depression/anxiety/abuse memory is taking a firm grip.  I created this partly during a moment of feeling all this, partly while sitting outside of the feeling, observing it. But I put it to one side in … Continue reading In the Mirror (my worst days)

Dear Childhood

Dear Childhood, I’m sorry. I’m sorry I didn’t show up for you sooner. For a long time I didn’t know you were there. And when I met you, I didn’t have room for you in my life. You see, you are an ocean and I was happily paddling in my pools of denial. I didn’t … Continue reading Dear Childhood

the hour

She lay on the cold, hard floor, aching and alone, recalling the previous hour when she battled her inner demons to stand up and speak her most painful and harrowing truths. Her heart feeling more battered and bruised than ever before. She didn't know it yet, but one day she would look back and write … Continue reading the hour

travelling through space {a poem}

i've been filling myself up for years  with anything that can let me live under the illusion that i do not feel empty.   because feeling it means acknowledging just what was taken from me, leaving a void so vast i could get lost in the darkness if i let myself.   there's no gravity … Continue reading travelling through space {a poem}

(my abusers) did you know?

  With your hands around my throat, did you know I would feel them in two decades time? That sometimes living would feel like slow death through the memory of hands In places that make me shudder and shame in remembrance? Your face stares at me, in the dark, in the light, just as you … Continue reading (my abusers) did you know?

Mirror of My Eyes {a poem}

Maybe at the start there was me Maybe in the end there was you Oh heart, you shone Out of the window to my mind Into the reflection of my soul I took you down To the chasm of my womb Where you grew beyond all I could sustain I tried I raised mountains to … Continue reading Mirror of My Eyes {a poem}

Not Today

There might come a day when I can look back on all the months I spent hiding, scared of you, jumping at the sound of a ringing phone, at your voice, trembling as I anticipated every update of your terrorisingly inevitable demise, and understand why you put us through so much pain; But that day … Continue reading Not Today