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the anxiety that holds

i'm wondering where this life starts and where it ends. is it somewhere between the inhale of a sharp breath and the wilting of a leaf, or drowning in exhales while the sun gives rise to a new day? it sometimes feels like the world will come to a crashing end if i don't solve… Continue reading the anxiety that holds

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They asked me why I was here and I told them I didn't know. But I had some ideas. Like how a single word can take my breath away, while reminding me how to breathe again. Like how the miles that stand between us hold me closer than the one touching my hand. Like how… Continue reading fingerprints

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Let Breath Be Your Prayer

Let breath be your prayer, your every question unanswered, every answer unheard, each thanksgiving, each praise, all blighted repentance, all holy forgive. Let breath be your maker, the giver of life, the source of growth, your renewal, your transformation, your creator. Let breath be your connection, your oneness with the earth, your communication with the… Continue reading Let Breath Be Your Prayer

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Begin Here: Let the Moment Carry You ~ Elephant Journal

Begin here, with whatever you are feeling. Begin with the doubt in your feet or the hope in your hands. It is a light wave to hello and a short step to forever, Quicker than a solitary breath into belonging. Make it deep, because you will want to remember this moment. Let it create an… Continue reading Begin Here: Let the Moment Carry You ~ Elephant Journal

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just breathe

sometimes all I want is to breathe, just breathe. and sometimes keeping breathing is the hardest decision, the hardest movement I can make, or, sometimes I forget how to breathe, just breathe. sometimes it's too much. I can see the air surrounding me, looping my body with no point of inhale and it becomes too… Continue reading just breathe

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be here with me

will you be here with me? let's not talk.  we don't even need to look at one another. as little as a gentle brush of my hand could be too extreme, igniting the currents that flow to my tender soul  (for today it is raw and exposed). i just need you to be here  with… Continue reading be here with me