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But You Were Fine Yesterday {The Mighty}

...There’s so many times when I get a remark or a look or a suggestion of “but you seemed fine yesterday.” These suggestions make my blood boil, because perhaps I had a mask on yesterday, or perhaps I didn’t and today I just feel like shit. Mental illness (unfortunately) doesn’t work quite so neatly and… Continue reading But You Were Fine Yesterday {The Mighty}

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A love letter to anyone who struggled to shower today {The Mighty}

This is a love letter to all those for whom showering is repeatedly a laborious exercise, physically, emotionally or both.7 To those who spend days putting it off because you know just how exhausting or painful it feels, right down to your bones, just to stand under the water for that long. Those who do… Continue reading A love letter to anyone who struggled to shower today {The Mighty}

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Who am I?

Who am I? I'm someone who feels deeply, who in any given moment feels and holds multiple conflicting, contrasting, complimentary and complex emotions, sensations, experiences, all at once and separately in individual layers, together and apart. I'm someone who believes that we, all of us, as unique and connected and complex human beings, have an… Continue reading Who am I?

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the anxiety that holds

i'm wondering where this life starts and where it ends. is it somewhere between the inhale of a sharp breath and the wilting of a leaf, or drowning in exhales while the sun gives rise to a new day? it sometimes feels like the world will come to a crashing end if i don't solve… Continue reading the anxiety that holds

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In the Mirror (my worst days)

This is what it feels like on my worst days. This is what I see in the mirror when my ptsd/trauma/depression/anxiety/abuse memory is taking a firm grip.  I created this partly during a moment of feeling all this, partly while sitting outside of the feeling, observing it. But I put it to one side in… Continue reading In the Mirror (my worst days)

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some days like this

some days are hard, for no reason at all and for every reason that came before, all at the same time. some days you think should be different, you think you should feel better, do better, be better because of something said or done yesterday or the day before. some days you beat yourself up… Continue reading some days like this

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just breathe

sometimes all I want is to breathe, just breathe. and sometimes keeping breathing is the hardest decision, the hardest movement I can make, or, sometimes I forget how to breathe, just breathe. sometimes it's too much. I can see the air surrounding me, looping my body with no point of inhale and it becomes too… Continue reading just breathe

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a hopeless night

I find myself lying on the hard, cold floor, Wearing only an oversized shirt and leftover tears; Staring at the blank ceiling, Counting the black spots between the light, Which add to only one; Drawing lines with my eyes to forge a map home, Erased by my lingering etch-a-sketch blinks, and repeat, repeat, repeat; Lost,… Continue reading a hopeless night

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Slumberland {a poem}

Grant me the gift of space to sleep, softly, To sink into the sweet sounds of Slumberland; Lying within the lilting lullaby, Hearing hope replace horror. Give me time to be calmly cradled into morning With real, renewed strength to stand, tall To face the fire of the ferocious sun, Who highlights the heartaches of… Continue reading Slumberland {a poem}

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Falling and Crashing and Breaking

Here, I am on the verge of something, standing over a cliff edge not sure whether I should be jumping, running backwards, or if I will soon be pushed to my ultimate fall. I am used to falling, I feel like I have been in a perpetual state of falling and crashing and breaking, but… Continue reading Falling and Crashing and Breaking