Too Damn Beautiful For That

(Written in response to an Online Business Support client last year, shared with permission)

Okay. First. Breathe.

Second. Fuck that shit. I mean, I get it. Sales. Marketing. Blah blah blah. All worth looking into. All worth trying and researching and figuring out how other people managed it.


Fuck that shit. Not all of it. But those models of business that tell you you’re failing. Fuck that.

Those models do not account for reality and complexity. They do not account for the devastating beauty of real, honest-to-god, life.

Maybe things aren’t selling like you want or need them to. And i know you NEED more, like real financial, survival, kind of need. I am not dismissing that. It is real.

But these models of business that tell you all the things you ‘should’ be doing because it worked for them so it must be your failing if they don’t work for you… All bullshit.


Do you hear me?

Some of their principles of sales or marketing (or life) we might be able to borrow here and there, the ones that you feel to be a genuine fit. I’m not saying it’s all nonsense.

But what is nonsense is how if it doesn’t work for you then you are the failure. What is nonsense is how they instil the need to beat yourself up and change your entire way of working (and being) just to fit into their model.

Because they will never live your life. They will never have experienced life in the uniquely gorgeous and heartbreaking and crushing and breathtaking way you have.

They do not know you.

But I know you. And I can tell you that you’re doing just fine.

More than fine, you are a bloody marvel. Truly. I am not the only one who thinks this of you.

Yes, you need more money. And yes, we need to restrategize to work out how to make that happen.

But one way or another we will get there.


We will work out what you need. YOU. Not some version of you that all these ‘experts’ tell you that you ‘should’ be.

What you need is not wrong. What you’re doing is not wrong. Who you are is not wrong.

You know you and you know your audience better than anyone. And maybe that needs some clarity and maybe that needs refocusing into achievable action. But not achievable by their standards, achievable by yours and only yours.

You are not failing, love. Maybe getting clearer on what you do need and working out how we get there is needed, yes, but you a failure just because you’re not bringing in six or seven figures (and I will personally go into battle with anyone who says otherwise).

Because those people, those people do not know you. Those people do not see the moment to moment realities of what it means to live your life and to do the work you do within it.

But I do. I know you. I have the honour of seeing what goes into all that you do and all that you are. And I can tell you, hand on heart, that you… you are enough.

And your work in this world matters.

It matters. You matter.

And you are definitely, definitely not a failure. Not in this work and not in this life.

Your work, your art, your life is too damn beautiful for that.

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