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About my Online Business Support Services

I believe you know yourself and your business better than anyone. I do not buy into or sell any specific formula for business management as I believe we are each complex humans who will have a unique set of needs. And I believe we all need support at times in life, just as we need it in working as a helping professional and/or a creative in solo or small business.

It is from this place where I enter this work.

I will never pretend my passion is in doing admin tasks. I’m good at them. I know how to do them. I’m quicker than some at doing and learning new processes within them. I have a First Class, BA (Hons) Degree in Business/Events Management, and a Certificate of Excellence that I was awarded by the university faculty members. Before and during this degree I worked in the corporate world in admin roles and then after leaving university I was very clear that I did not belong in the often oppressive cultures of the corporate world anymore (my degree taught me this, perhaps more than anything else), and so I started working in the charity sector, again initially in administrative roles. Being in constant survival mode whilst working with the uncertainty of funding in charity sector as cutbacks took over, and because of the lifetime of trauma I was living with, I burned out and had to stop working for some years due to my chronic illnesses. During that time I have been slowly and carefully building my own businesses and creative practices, using all of these admin tasks that I do for my clients along the way.

But the admin tasks themselves aren’t what I’m passionate about. And yes, I am promoting my work in Online Business Support here (stick with me). . .

Because do you know something(s) I am passionate about?

I am passionate about working with gorgeous humans whose businesses are in line with my values and my other work in the world. 

I am passionate about supporting them and their already brilliant work to grow or become or be. 

I am passionate about holding their hands (virtually) while they do the scary things, celebrating their wins with them or offering them a landing space for their losses, pain or grief when things aren’t going as they hoped for.

I am passionate about not forcing them to fit into narrow boxes and instead holding them in their complexity and wholeness as human.

I am passionate about coming up with ideas together that might support them in living a more sustainable life, outside of constant survival.

I am passionate about supporting them in their work while they live with chronic illness and grief and oppression and trauma and parenting and in messy relationships (and a complex life), and holding them as whole throughout it all.

I am passionate about taking care of some of their work so they have more time to take care of themselves.

I am passionate about helping them with tasks they would prefer not to do so they have more space for the work that they love,

(which is some of where the admin tasks come in)

… all that, I am deeply passionate about all that.

This is why when I work primarily, or currently solely, with women and gender non-binary humans who are helping professionals and/or creatives in solo or small business – because I, too, am one of them (including in this work, in my writing, in my Landing Space Companionship Sessions, and in all my work for Trauma & Co.), so our work has significant overlap and intersections, and as such I can meet them in this work with a deeper sense of compassion and companionship.

After a day of doing solely admin tasks, yes, my eyes are sometimes tired, my brain is full of edits and spreadsheets and databases, and some of it was possibly quite repetitive, but I also love it, because all my clients are incredible humans and getting this intimate viewpoint of their businesses, their creative processes and their lives, is such a huge, huge honour.

You can also read some words I wrote to one of my clients last year, here (shared with permission), and it is with this level of passion and compassion that I hope to show up with for all of my clients.

Ways we can work together:

Online Business Management & Virtual Assistance

Are you looking for someone to do the administrative tasks that you do not have the time for?

Would you prefer not to be doing admin tasks because you need to spend that time with your loved ones, or on your self-care?

Do you need more time to rest in between the other work you are doing because you live with chronic illness or trauma (or life) and so you do not have the energy or spoons for admin tasks like these?

If yes, then perhaps my Online Business Management and Virtual Assistance support services are what you are looking for:

You can read more about my OBM & VA support services by clicking here.

Business Companionship Sessions

Do you have admin tasks covered, but, need someone to check in with each week?

Do you need someone to plan out your weeks with?

Do you need take your to-do list out of your head and allow it to be seen and heard and known by another person and to have it held, while we come up with do-able (for you) and actionable tasks for the week?

Do you need someone to who will check in with you in this work during the week, who will both remind you of what you wanted to get done in a non-shaming way, and who will instead (virtually) hold your hand and encourage you?

Do you need a space to land when life takes over and the work doesn’t quite go to plan, a space where you will not be called a failure for not fitting into societies’ unreasonable expectations of what it is to be successful in your work (who will bemoan such expectations with you if you need, too)?

Or, like me, have you have found that working as a creative or as a helping professional in small or solo business is incredibly isolating or lonely at times and you just want or need someone in your corner?

Do you need a person to land with regularly, to celebrate the small (and huge) wins and to grieve the losses in your work?

Do you need someone to hold you in the complexity of you and your life, who is also living and working in an equally unique and complex life and, as such, can share ideas along the way and be both Business Consultant and Companion?

If yes, then perhaps Business Companionship Sessions are for you.

You can read more about Business Companionship Sessions here.

Landing Space, Companionship Sessions

Do you not actually want someone to consult or plan with at all, or you have this and the admin tasks covered, but you do still need a space to land?

Do you need a person to hold the complexity of your life, both in your business as a creative or a helping professional and in the complexity of the rest of your life, someone to see you as whole in all your glorious complexity and offer you a landing space through it all?

If yes, then perhaps Landing Space, Companionship Sessions are for you.

You can read more about Landing Space Companionship Sessions here.

Yearly Planning Intensives

Do you have all of the above covered, but still need a broader look at your year ahead, someone who will meet with you for 3 x 1.5 hour planning sessions over a month (who will work with you during that time and in between sessions for you to map out what the year ahead might look like for you and create a framework with you that you can use from there)?

If yes, then perhaps a Yearly Planning Intensive is what you need.*

*If you are interested in my Yearly Planning Intensives, contact me for pricing. This service will be officially launched and promoted in the fourth quarter of 2019, but it is available if you need support in planning at a different point in the year, so please feel free to  get in touch now if you are interested in this.

different point in the year, so please feel free to  get in touch now if you are interested in this.

Combination of online business support

Or, like me, are your needs more complex than that?

Do you need a unique combination of Virtual Assistance, Online Business Management, and Yearly Planning Intensives?

If yes, then you can contact me by clicking here to request a free consultation and we will work out a plan and a package of work that is a fit for you, following which I can give you an updated quote based on your needs.