Harbour FAQs

Am I a helping professional or a creative?

You tell me. I am not here to define your work for you, or what fits into these categories. I see these as broad and far reaching (often overlapping) areas of work.

What if I am a helping professional or a creative in small or solo business, who doesn’t do all or most of my work online?

That’s okay. While all of my work is online in some way, there are elements of it that aren’t and I know for some helping professional and creatives, they still face similar experience and challenges when working in person with clients or in sharing their work offline. And even if this is the case for you, I believe we can still find connection online in this way.

What if I’m claiming unemployment benefits of some sort, but still do some creative work or am a volunteer?

You’re welcome here too.

Is this group only for specific genders?

Nope. And I don’t need to know your gender when you sign up. In my group guidelines I ask that everyone defaults to using they/them gender pronouns for each other, unless we have been told different gender pronouns to use. In general I would say that most people who tend to hire me to work with them are women-identifying and gender non-binary humans, though I am not limiting this group to those genders.

Why no emails?

There is no learning content for this group as such, and I honestly don’t want to add one more thing to your inbox unless it’s really needed. You will receive a link to view, or the direct video of, the Guest Speaker Conversations within the FB Group.

I’m not on Facebook, why not another platform?

While I understand that not everyone is on Facebook, I also know that for many of us it is the most convenient way to keep checking into a group, instead of downloading or signing up to a new community network. If you are not on Facebook currently and you don’t want to fully sign up again, the only thing I can suggest, if you want to join this, is to create a profile under a different name and only add yourself to the group, which in effect is like signing up to a service that would only have this group on it. It’s not ideal, I get that, and there isn’t a platform that would be ideal for everyone.

What can I share in the group?

That’s up to you. I will be opening 3 weekly threads (Mon/Wed/Fri) which will be 2 check-ins and a weekly invitation where you can ask for support from the group. But you are welcome to check-in in your own threads (including on video or audio) at any point during the week or at the weekend. You are welcome to share the mundane as well as the huge things going on in your life, including your own launches or publications etc. We want to celebrate with you (or sit with you in your anxiety or whatever you are feeling).

Why only 4 months if this is an ongoing need for each of us?

Three reasons. The first being that I live with chronic illness, and so it is important for me to have some periods where I am engaging more in my own self-care, and in reassessing my own needs around the groups I run. Secondly, I want to offer and allow space for you to consent to returning to this space each time it is run. And thirdly, because I want everyone to feel welcome and as belonging to the space as possible throughout our time together, which is sometimes not as easy to do when there have been long-term members/new members join. My current hope is to run this once or twice per year, so there will hopefully be an opportunity to return, where we can each show up again with full consent around our wanting to be there.

Do you really not need to know why I am choosing the price tier that I am?

Really and truly. I trust you to know your own financial situation and needs. And nobody will know the tier you are joining at.

What if I decide I want to work with you one-to-one in either Business Companionship Sessions or in your Online Business Support services?

Let’s talk. You can read more here, and you are welcome to email me at sarah@sarahmariannmartland.com . If you want to sign up to Business Companionship Sessions during the time you are in the group, you will receive 25% off.

You do know the correct spelling of ‘Harbour’ right?!

Yep! I’m from the UK. This is the correct spelling here. And while I am aware most people who engage in my services are not from here and likely spell it Harbor, I just couldn’t bring myself to spell it incorrectly (to me!).

Still got questions? You are welcome to contact me.