Let Breath Be Your Prayer

Let breath be your prayer, your every question unanswered, every answer unheard, each thanksgiving, each praise, all blighted repentance, all holy forgive. Let breath be your maker, the giver of life, the source of growth, your renewal, your transformation, your creator. Let breath be your connection, your oneness with the earth, your communication with the … Continue reading Let Breath Be Your Prayer

oh darling, i see all of you

Oh darling, do you think I do not see? Do you think I do not see your hand quivering as you raise it to your mouth to stop the deafening sound from escaping?  Do you think I do not see your legs give way to the weight of your secrets and the strength of your … Continue reading oh darling, i see all of you

Goodbye, my sweet love.

Now is the time I must say Goodbye and let you go, my sweet love.   You were my everything. With you I lived, died, broke, grew. My life shifted and reshaped into a state beyond all we knew. And you held it all.   You held me in my most vulnerable state, and saw … Continue reading Goodbye, my sweet love.

A Fiery Spirit and a Gentle Soul

You, my darling girl, are a wonder of the earth. Your smile could sway the ocean with its tidal pull, Your tiny hands could move the greatest mountains. You deserve love, love and more love. And you should never settle for anything less. Please never settle. I hope you keep your wild, fiery spirit and … Continue reading A Fiery Spirit and a Gentle Soul