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the anxiety that holds

i'm wondering where this life starts and where it ends. is it somewhere between the inhale of a sharp breath and the wilting of a leaf, or drowning in exhales while the sun gives rise to a new day? it sometimes feels like the world will come to a crashing end if i don't solve… Continue reading the anxiety that holds

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through doors

i'm tiptoeing through closed doors, finding there's not enough space to walk back through. fighting in a war with myself that i can only lose if i do not let go, let be, let life pass through and in here. when did i get so scared of my own voice? the knowing that knew me… Continue reading through doors

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They asked me why I was here and I told them I didn't know. But I had some ideas. Like how a single word can take my breath away, while reminding me how to breathe again. Like how the miles that stand between us hold me closer than the one touching my hand. Like how… Continue reading fingerprints

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beautiful depth

I want you to know just how beautiful you are. I want you to know that, even on the darkest of days, You can light up any room, just by showing up And I'm so grateful you do. I'm grateful For every time you show up in the world, In whatever way you can on… Continue reading beautiful depth

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this collision

Gently now, dear one. Gently. Don’t you think we were always on our way here, here, to this place where grit and grace collide in equal space and time? We still have time, we have so much time. Don’t you think we were calling each other home somehow? A different home, but found through this… Continue reading this collision

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Your life

There are moments in life when you are walking down the street and your whole world turns on its head in a heartbeat. It's happened to me, more times than I care to recall, in more ways than I wish to tell you. But it happens. You are walking down a street and something comes… Continue reading Your life

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a life called survival

i didn't ask to be taken like that, all young, innocent and easily-broken into any mold of life they offered or insisted upon. i never wanted to be shaped to become the easy play-thing they desired, on any given day. i didn't change to make life harder for you, or for them, or for me.… Continue reading a life called survival

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The Last Time. 

Because emotional abuse can be just as destructive as other types of abuse and this was the last time... "i don’t remember the first time we spoke, but i remember the last; words dripping from your mouth like a poison you believed i would drink. and i would have once believed it too, i was… Continue reading The Last Time. 

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slowly and gently, dear one

Walk slowly and gently through your world today, dear one. You are unfolding just as you should be. Trust in the strength of your own heart. You are moving in exactly the right direction for you. You've got this, dear one. You've got this.

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Please Don’t Wait For Me (I’m Not Coming Back)

I'm sorry I left you, dear one. I'm sorry I left so unceremoniously, without satisfactory explanations or word of when I would return. You see, I didn't know where I was going, or even that I had begun leaving, I just knew I couldn’t stay; I was changing, I had changed. I didn't belong within… Continue reading Please Don’t Wait For Me (I’m Not Coming Back)