50 of the thousands of lessons my 20s taught me

While some of these lessons have lodged somewhere deep inside, many of them I have learned and unlearned and relearned again and will continue learning for the rest of my life. So with five days until I turn 30, here are just 50 of the thousands of lessons my 20s have taught me, with heartfelt thanks to every person who has helped teach me over the last ten years, and lifetime, whether you knew you were helping or not.

21 Reasons Why Victims of Rape and Sexual Abuse Do Not Report (Told Through 21 Real Life Voices) ~ Huffington Post

Click here for the full article at The Huffington Post Throughout my life, from childhood into adulthood, I have been raped and sexually assaulted multiple times, and not once have I reported an incident. Recently I read a comment on an article I wrote about the last time I was sexually assaulted, stating they were…