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You Are Worthy

Let me tell you something,

There will be days when life feels like it is coursing through your veins, faster than light and thicker than all the blood your heart can hold.

You are worthy.

There will be days when life feels oh so far away, like you are drowning in a memory of a yesterday that feels closer to a suffocating nightmare, giving you more unanswerable questions than the knowing you crave.

You are, still, worthy.

I will never tell you that things will get always get better. They might, and I hope they do, I hope it more than words can express, and I’ll keep hoping – for you and for me and for this world we live in.

But what I do know is that you matter and you are worthy of this life, whether you can feel it moving through your veins or if it feels like it is drowning you from the inside out – You, yes YOU, are worthy.

All those messages, those ones that get fed to us daily and make us feel sick to our stomachs at our perceived inadequacy to live up to their unattainable standards, the ones that speak only to the pieces of us that ‘they’ think need to change or be better or become all the things they think we ‘should’ be…

Well I call bullshit, and I say they have never walked in our shoes or lived in our bodies or been right where you or I are now. How could they have been? How could any of us be? They are not you and can never be you – just like I cannot be you and you cannot be me and none of us ever could know with absolute certainty what life feels like for another human…

We are each individually, gloriously, complex human beings. Connected – yes, but never ever exactly the same; our lives will never be exactly the same. And we need not live up to someone else’s version of humanity or perfection to be worthy of this life, of this living, whatever it is you are living right now.

You are human.
You are You.

And no matter what else ‘they’ say, of this life

You are worthy.
You are worthy.

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