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you are beautiful, do you know?

Dear you,

Do you know how beautiful you are?

Do you realise the sun comes to greet you each day to light you up and warm your heart? Do you know the kind of strength it takes to greet her right back?

Do you know I see you walking into each new day and laying down your heart, despite how broken it feels?

Do you know how your heart is loved, and loved and loved and loved?

I see you. You, who drowns in the night sky as the moon pulls at your tears to land on the hard, cold floor, believing over and over you could not possibly wake up in the morning to face the sun again.

You, who walks through the world despite the horrors you have known, because of the horrors you have known.

You, who has seen love leave in the dark of night, not knowing if it would ever return. And still you return, over and over.

You, who held death in your hands, and were able to carry yourself into the next moment. (If that isn’t the definition of strength I don’t know what is).

You, with skin seared in terrors no movie could depict, terrors that lived for decades after the credits rolled on each scene of your life.

You, who has tasted regret and shame and fear and blame, and still spoke truth and truth and truth and truth.

You, who looks in the mirror and sees a figure staring back, unrecognisable, one you would not have known only a year before; a figure you can hardly bear to look upon and still you greet her and ask her to stay and allow her to speak.

You, who holds a million stories in every cell and still makes room for others’.

You, who listens and hears and holds and learns.

You, who gives space so wide that all those who enter could orbit the sun.

You, who greets the sun each day and shines its light freely back to the world, gladly sitting in the shadows (yours and theirs) with ease while another basks in your glow.

Do you know how beautiful you are?

Do you?

Because you are. You are beautiful.

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