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I hope you know, love

I hope that in the moment this world stops turning you will know with unflinching certainty that I loved you, that I always loved you and that my life has been richer for you being in it.

As you make your way through the days ahead I hope you find love to be more the answer than the question, or maybe in your questioning you come back here, to this point, where love most definitely lived. I hope you always question that which does not feel real or true, finding again and again how you can trust in your knowing, in your loving, in your self, and right there find your answers anew.

I hope love takes you by surprise, filling you up more than it leaves you empty. I hope the surprises which bring you to your knees are few, and even then you can hold onto hope for better days to come, because they will come love, I promise they will.

On the days when you have little faith left in that which you once called love, I hope you can remember how you once lost all faith and you rebuilt and rebuilt and rebuilt. I hope you know on these days you are, still, perfectly enough and you are loved and loved and loved.

I hope you continue to live with a wide open heart, one that bruises and breaks as easily as it is filled and is made whole again.

Today, when all feels dark and distant, I hope you have something whole and real and true to place your love upon and, if you don’t, that you reach out to that which has been your solid ground before or to those waiting in the distance.

I hope you know, today, before the world stops turning, just how deeply loved you are, how deeply loved you have always been and how deeply loved you will always be. I hope you know that I love you.

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