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unapologetically you, Love

who told you, Love, that you must apologise
for every breath you take, and each pause in between?

because i heard it too.

but it was such a silent speaking,
so subtle and subliminal,
yet, told,
again and again and again,
with every missed glance and each broken sigh.

did you feel your blood cells began to hide
under the notion of eternal damnation
to a life unlived?
did you know you were bleeding
falsities and lies,
speaking the notion that you do not belong?

you do.

for you were made to shine, Love,

you were made to live and love and linger
in each cracked space,
and in those fully formed out of all that is

yes, you, Love.

do not allow yourself to be a walking apology
for all that has gone
before you.

who told you of your making?

who told you that you were made to fade
into their accusatory vision?

because i heard it too
and i’m trying to unlearn it.

with every skipped heartbeat
and each unnumbed tingle of truth,
i’m trying to undo a lifetime of lies and being
beaten down by their shame.

come with me now, Love, let’s live:
and, unapologetically

let’s breathe in together, Love, a life
that is ours;
yours and mine for the taking,
and the living.

who told you that your life did not belong
to you,
that it was theirs for the taking
and the breaking?

because i heard it too,
and i want to tell them:

they were wrong.

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