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Let Breath Be Your Prayer

Let breath be your prayer,

your every question unanswered,

every answer unheard,

each thanksgiving,

each praise,

all blighted repentance,

all holy forgive.

Let breath be your maker,

the giver of life,

the source of growth,

your renewal,

your transformation,

your creator.

Let breath be your connection,

your oneness with the earth,

your communication with the skies,

your marriage to humanity,

your union with the world.

Let breath be your healer,

washing through your being,

energizing your weary body,

cleansing your muddied mind,

refreshing your old soul,

mending your shattered heart.

Let breath be your eternal mystery,

a manifestation of wonder, of awe,

a declaration of your uncertain faith

in every breath to follow.

Let breath be your exhale,

your sorrowful sigh,

your lingering lament,

your glorious grief,

your horror-stained sadness,

your agonizing ache.

Let breath be your truth,

a narration of your unwritten story,

a light for each shaded broken perfection,

a voice for the authentic wholeness

of your beautifully ugly self.

Let breath be your spirit,

the force that moves you,

the energy you receive,

the expression you share,

the grace you give,

the courage you take.

Let breath be your love,

a vision of each love

you pour out and take in,

a mark of all the loves you hold,

and every love you let go,

an affirmation of its everlasting

perennial permanence.

Let breath be your religion,

your blessed word,

your ritual for living,

your whispered acclamation

of a sacred and unholy



Glory Be to my Life.

Originally published at Rebelle Society 

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