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Begin Here: Let the Moment Carry You ~ Elephant Journal

Begin here, with whatever you are feeling.

Begin with the doubt in your feet or the hope in your hands.

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It is a light wave to hello and a short step to forever,

Quicker than a solitary breath into belonging.

Make it deep, because you will want to remember this moment.

Let it create an imprint on your bones, so you can trace the path back to your heart when it forgets how to beat.

Because it will. It will beat again.

When it does, you will walk these streets over and over to make sure it’s not your last.

It’s not.

This is the start.

You can build your road home now. You’ve never gone beyond, and the glow ahead feels like the light that bursts forth when the end takes hold.

This is not the end. Don’t give up.

Take it. Remember it. Hold it.

Then let it go with such force that the moment carries you with it.

And it will. It will carry you forward and up, upside down and over and through.

You have begun. You’ll keep beginning with each footprint, handhold and inhale.

This is living, my love. This is life.

So begin.

Begin now. Begin here.

~ Mariann Martland ~

Orgininally Published at Elephant Journal



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