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What if…?

Image © Mariann Martland
What if we allow ourselves to feel?

What if we allow ourselves to feel it all?

What if we start dancing in the rain instead of running for cover and cursing it for falling?

What if we stop doubting ourselves and our voices? What if we speak our words clearly, loudly, holding space for our truths so freely that even the most tender souls know they are not alone?

What if the next time it all feels dark and stuck we let it be, instead of battling our way into self-hatred and blame?

What if we sit within the moment and allow it to move us into the next one?

What if we hold onto the memory that we’ve moved through moments like this before, and moved and moved and moved? What if we hold onto faith in the impermanence of pain, just as we know the impermanence of joy?

What if we stop fighting with ourselves?

What if we walk through our shadows as well as our light? What if we honour the dark with as much reverence and love?

What if we hold on, mercifully, and let go wildly?

What if we choose to see ourselves through the eyes of a friend who loves us, cares for us, believes in the goodness in our hearts and souls?

What if we try to be that friend to ourselves?

What if we decide that life can be anything we want it to be, if only we start living instead of existing?

What if we live a little more?

What if we breathe a little deeper?

What if we acknowledge how painful it is to breathe some days, that it’s sometimes so difficult it becomes the only thing we can focus on that day? What if that is okay? What if we realise that sometimes breathing is enough?

What if we are enough?

What if we grow into the belief that we are enough? What if we believe we are always enough, that even in the hours when we feel like we have nothing left the give, when we feel less than we hoped we would be, or too much for another human to handle, that we are still enough?

What if we touch our scars with the same gentle grace as our smooth parts? What if we view them, express them, honour them with as much respect and dignity?

What if we hold ourselves, fully?

What if we hold all our flaws and weaknesses in the same hands that hold our beauties and our strengths? What if we hold it, all?

What if we notice more?

What if we hear our hearts in the moments they beat faster? What if we listen to the sounds that make our hearts move quicker, scream louder; fear or desire, worry or wonder?

What if we sink into the sigh, into the whisper of the unknown?

What if we speak our fears out loud instead of burying them, instead of allowing them to consume and grow and multiply? What if our own words help us to hear, see, know them, to know ourselves?

What if we release our fears with the same force they have been weighing us down with for centuries over?

What if we let go of everything that is holding us back?

What if we cut ties with shame and the toxic beliefs that were handed to us long ago, that have wrongfully shaped our existence for an eternity?

What if we listen to our inner wisdom? What if we begin to trust in our own deeply felt knowing, in the voice of our true being?

What if we make peace? What if we forgive ourselves for all that we have done and all that we did not do?

What if we embody this peace with all the love and pain, breaking and healing, grief and joy, light and dark that makes us whole?

What if we embrace it, all?

What if we discover that this is what freedom feels like?

What if we allow ourselves to be free?

2 thoughts on “What if…?”

  1. What if…. I can tell you that doing these things you speak of are very doable . i have done these ”what if’s. I have lost a lot of things and people in that process, but have gained so much more.

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