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some days like this

some days are hard, for no reason at all and for every reason that came before,
all at the same time.

some days you think should be different,
you think you should feel better, do better, be better
because of something said or done yesterday or the day before.

some days you beat yourself up for every breath you take
because you think
you should… and you should… or you should…

some days are so blindingly difficult,
just because they are.

and it’s on these days it is most important to be gentle with yourself.
because there are no shoulds, there are no rules,
there is only here and now and this

this life.
this day.
and you.
you. you. you.
you’re beautiful.
and you’re doing the very best you can for what you have on this day.

image © Mariann Martland
image © Mariann Martland

some days,
days like this day,
you can remind yourself of this.
or i’ll remind you.
because some days we all need reminding.
and i can do that on some days, or every day.
because every day there’s you
and every day i believe in you.
every day i love you.

some day you will too.

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