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just breathe

sometimes all I want is to breathe,
just breathe.
and sometimes keeping breathing is the hardest decision, the hardest movement I can make,
or, sometimes I forget how to breathe,
just breathe.
sometimes it’s too much.
I can see the air surrounding me,
looping my body with no point of inhale
and it becomes too much for the space outside to contain,
so it begins crushing me, suffocating me from the inside out.
and sometimes there’s not enough.
there is not enough air in the world to fill my hungry lungs.
so I try to store some in reserve,
all the while forgetting my exhale.
just breathe.
they all say it
like it’s that easy.
sometimes it’s too much to just breathe,
sometimes breathing just isn’t enough.
and sometimes, sometimes, the most courageous thing you will see a person do
is to take one more breath and then another,
their most difficult, painful, bravest action is to find their breath,
to breathe,
just breathe.

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