after the sun falls {a poem}

night brought loss,
morning, new grief.
life, as it was known,
changed. broken and alone,

the ache running
deep, into the marrow
of bone, to the pit of despair.

everything shifted,
altered. what remains,
now tainted. life,
as it was known, changed.

then, a heavy breeze whistling
a whisper,
“your sun will rise again,
my child.”

body curled in fits
of pain, head bowing low
with regret, sorrow,
shame, pounding life into ground.

“your sun will rise
again,” whispers
growing stronger, clouds
blazing. from afar
the Sky, speaking loudly,

“life as you know it has changed,
my child. you will ache and mourn
and writhe in your agony,
in your love and you must
feel. feel. feel

the earth quake beneath
tears burning skin,
your body crumbling from inside out

as shadows loop around
the ashes of your heart; this moment
will haunt the stars
upon each nighttime wish, but
one day, your sun will rise.

until that dawn, hold on
to me. watch my sun’s light change
my darkness to beautiful
colour, shades of magic
through mystery. follow its grace,
its hope, until you claim it.
your own

life, as you know it,
changed, forever
my child, but one day
soon, your sun is going to rise.”

Originally published at Journey of the Heart: Women’s Spiritual Poetry

Image © Mariann Martland

Image © Mariann Martland

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