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Slumberland {a poem}

Grant me the gift of space to sleep, softly,

To sink into the sweet sounds of Slumberland;

Lying within the lilting lullaby,

Hearing hope replace horror.

Give me time to be calmly cradled into morning

With real, renewed strength to stand, tall

To face the fire of the ferocious sun,

Who highlights the heartaches of a heavy day.

Allow me to reclaim my restoration,

To feel free to open my falling eyes, widely

Without extended exhaustion from the demons of the dark.

Show me how to step into silent stillness;

To bask in the beginnings of this revelation,

Learning to dance within the deep delight of dreams.

Teach me to trust in the temptation of surrender.

To concede control to the security of the stars;

To let go of my weighted worries to the whispers, who

Recall my resolve to release my mind to relaxation.

Lead me with the lingering light of the moon

To a land where I can slide into slow, safe sleep.

image © Mariann Martland

Poem previously published at Women’s Spiritual Poetry and appears in the first Journey of the Heart anthology of poetry. The first and second anthologies (both featuring my poetry) can be purchased on Amazon.

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