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a portrait of self

Image © Mariann Martland
Image © Mariann Martland

you are the universe
fire and ash, water and cloud.

complex matter and definite miracle,
you are sunlight and stardust,
moonbeams and magic.

creation shines through you,
even in the shadow of your darkest night.

all majesty and mayhem,
horror and heaven,
embodied through your stirring spirit.

rainbow colour projects from your blistering blaze,
burning with the luminous light
of holy rage and bloody grace.

the ghosts of your past circle
the world upon which your head rests;
this sphere that grants you the vision
to see as clearly as the land.

this glorious gift.
the beauty of being.

you dance and you roar
with the breath of the wind,
gentle and steady,
wild and fierce.

there are oceans in your eyes.
some knowing,
holding shallow pools of poison,
layered with their murky lies.

others running pure, deep,
passing the earth’s core,
pouring over galaxies
of wisdom and faith.

you have stars buried in your bones,
collected throughout centuries
digging up dreams and demons,
creating cracks and craters
to house the constellations of your life.

your heart holds love, forever
with the fragility of a flower
and the strength of the sea.

your soul has trekked across barren land
and risen from treacherous climb,
reaching other realms but returning

home, always,
to the root of all existence:

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