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I Honour Your Needs

Today I honour your most fragile needs. 

You can sink into your deepest feelings, the ones you have been hiding under the thick armour of your tired skin.

I give you permission to feel your exhaustion.

I will hear your voice telling me that this is all too much to bear. I will comfort you in this calling.

You can feel the sickness your head has been carrying for what feels like an age, the pain that your mind has covered in its need to keep working. You can finally allow your body to feel the ache. Then you can begin again to heal.

I will cover you in blankets to warm your heart. The heart which has begun closing in the freezing cold arctic of a past life revisited.

You will feel my hand guiding you back as your legs try to run, for today they are weak and you will fall if you fight.

I cannot change this moment for you, I cannot take you out of the misery of where you now live your life.

But I can listen to your wounded sobs and give your soul a time to breathe.

Your body will be gifted with rest, where you can cry out your agony and claim your renewal.

I honour your needs.

image © Mariann Martland

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