The song {a poem}

Your eyes are pulling shut, longing for the dark, 

but your mind 

races with thoughts 

and memory 

that look like life 

and feel like death.


The sky sets ablaze at dawn, 

reminding you why you are 


awake, still; 

bringing you to your knees 

in gratitude 

for the sun’s fulfilled promise to rise.


Tears gather in your throat, 

demanding release, 

yet none is granted. 

Blood begins to pulse, 

reminding you of the hour, of the day. 

Feeling, pain, 

you are alive; 

heartache, blessed heartache.


And then, an invitation to listen, 

to hear; 

music gently calls. 

A song never heard before 

but it knows you, 

singing out your heartbeat, 

cradling your crying soul, 

rocking your body into aching, blissful slumber. 

Oh, sweet surrender.

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