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the reckoning

if now is the time to stand up and be counted
i am here,
ready for the reckoning

i am me


i am one
i am my own

i am neither yours nor hers nor his for the taking
i am not your puppet or your plaything
or yours
i am my own

i am not your judgement,
your expectations, or your guilt-ridden words.
i am not your actions,
afflictions, or your sinful shame

i am me
i am one

i am my heart and my body, my stirring spirit,
my laughter, tears
blood and bile, soot and stardust

i am imperfect beauty and perfectly broken
i am my life, i am my death

i am my own
i am one

i am one with the universe
with the fire, the rain,
sun and shadow

i am a blackbird taking flight
and a bee, dying from its one painful sting
i am a lioness, a tiger
an owl, wiser than the moon
the elephant in the room, yet more forgetful

i am solitude and connection, love and lust
i am screaming silence and melodic rage

i am one.

i am countlessly flawed and inherently good
i am a work in progress within a completed masterpiece

i am my ears and my eyes,
constantly listening, watching
i am enough

rarely a full stop, often a question (mark)
i am emptied of sentiment
and filled with feeling
i am my every word, each thought
yet I am neither

i am present and past,
holding future tentatively near
i am memory
i am truth

i am me

i am definitive, an illusion,
aligned with the stars while dancing among the clouds

i am steadier than a mountain
and floating on a feather
i am weak
i am strong
rarely brave, but aspiring

i am the product of two
and shaped by two million,
yet i am one
my own

i am falling rainbows
made of ice and flame

i am my dreams and my nightmare
vision and blindspots
i am tragedy and fairytale
all reason and whimsical rhyme

i am space and i am time
unquantifiable number
and scientifically moulded mind over matter
a multitude of messy breaths

i am infinite and limit(less)
i am a thousand fairies, an ungraceful unicorn
i am real

i am one

Originally published at Journey of the Heart: Women’s Spiritual Poetry

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