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A Fiery Spirit and a Gentle Soul

You, my darling girl, are a wonder of the earth.
Your smile could sway the ocean with its tidal pull,
Your tiny hands could move the greatest mountains.

You deserve love, love and more love. And you should never settle for anything less.

Please never settle.

I hope you keep your wild, fiery spirit and use it for good in the world — it has so much power if you only use it for good.
And I hope you use this spirit to preserve your gentle soul.

Never allow its innocence to be trampled on to protect or surrender to anyone who does not hold and see your grace.
Even if they try to taint it, your soul is perfect. And it is yours.

You, my darling girl, are beautiful.

You are beautiful.

There is nothing that anyone can do to change this.


You are walking through a world that can sometimes seem like a lonely and scary place, I know this,
But if you keep your eyes open, as wide and brightly as I see them glowing now,
You will see its magic and you will know you are part of something magnificent and whole and worth the exploration.

You, my darling girl, are worthy.
You are worthy of light and love and peace and joy.

May you hold this truth in your heart:

You are worth all of this and much much more than your brilliant and intelligent mind will ever know.
There is no darkness that could ever dull your radiance.

You are shining.

When the darkness grips you, as it grips us all from time to time, you will be shining.

Even your pain holds your delicacy.

I hope you feel every part of this glittering, agonizing, wonderful and glorious life.
Feel all of the color and all of the shadows.

Feel it all.
Take it all in.
It is yours.
Take it.

And give.

Give, give, give, give, give.

Give yourself, your light, your love, your extraordinary talents and your precious gifts fully and freely to those who are deserving of you — there are so very many who are, if you keep your heart open,

Your exquisitely giving heart.

But do not, ever (ever) allow anyone to make you feel less than you deserve or less than you are.

You, my darling girl, are here as a unique, complex, definite miracle.
You are the manifestation of a blessing, a revelation.
A revelation of life.
A revelation of all that makes you You.

You are You.

And you, my darling, darling girl,

You, are the Universe. 

Previously published at Rebelle Society


9 thoughts on “A Fiery Spirit and a Gentle Soul”

  1. Wow what an amazing piece of writing ❤ Thank you for this wonderful inspiration! I'm so happy I discovered your blog 🙂 Keep writing!

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